Top 10 things for the Most interesting man in the world

In honor of the great ad campaign for Dos Equis beer. I bring you top 10 new attributes for the Most interesting man in the world…With help from Smitty.

10.)  He once corrected a spell checker when it made a mistake

9.) the president drops everything…to pick up his pen

8.) he got invited to the playboy mansion…while swimming in the grotto

7.)¬† He ordered a whopper at Mcdonalds…and they made it

6.)When ordering a Wawa shortie he doesn’t use the ordering system…. he tells the person behind the counter¬† (this is more of a spoof but i’m running out of ideas…)

5.) he’s only been beaten at arm wrestling twice…once by Jesus…and once by….Chuck Norris (ZING)

4.) When he orders a cheesesteak at Geno’s…it can be in Spanish

3.) He once drank a case of Dos Equis…and didn’t end up at a strip club

2.) He once swam the English Channel….Doggy paddle

1.) The most interesting man in the world is actually Charlton Heston….Eventhough he’s dead

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