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Monday, May 24th, 2010

I’m going to throw another really bad jinx prediction out there…There is no way the Flyers lose tonight…Absolutely no way….I think they’re gonna even find a lady that looks like Kate Smith and have her sing God Bless America

Alcohol, Sporting events, Violence and TV

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Who has the biggest billboards at Phillies games?
Who advertises the most when sporting events are on besides the goddamn Geico lizard?
Who pays for million (if not multi-million) dollar contracts with teams, TV stations, internet sites etc… to advertise?

Ask yourselves these questions then ask yourself why there are so many problems with underage drinking, overage drinking, and rufies at Phillies games or just sporting events in general. Ok not so much rufies but I just like saying Rufies…Rufies TM.  Did anyone else see that commercial for Rufies where the Geico lizard “had his way” with the old guy after a rufie-martini?

In all seriousness the answer to this question is Beer companies like Bud, Miller, and Coors…..If you disagree with me look around the parking lot and remember Natural light is made by Budweiser (it’s triple cola equivalent). And Milwaukee’s Best is made by Miller (it’s President’s choice equivalent, yeah that’s right I brought up President’s choice!!! BOOOYAAAAAHKAH!).

So what does this mean? Hey I don’t give a shit about politics and everyone knows I love beer just as much as the next guy (maybe a little too much)…But what I do know is that the teams, leagues, TV stations and just about everyone else in the sports business except for Chris “Wheels” Wheeler indirectly promotes and markets beer. And we’ve been listening for a long long time…

Flyers game 7

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Is there any way Boston can beat the Flyers in game 7?????…I’m gonna throw a horrible jinx prediction out there…There’s NO NO NO NO NO way Boston will win this game…

Top 10 reasons tasing is good at a Phillies game

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

By the way I can’t believe it’s not taze instead of tase? What were tasers invented in friggin England? There’s no way the Brits invented something that ingeniuz….

10.) Because where else are you going to get a rufie type experience for free? Unless you’re a hot chick or Ed Wade

9.) Ed Wade tased every Phillies vice president that made fun of his ears…don’t think this is true??…wiki it…if you think you’re too big of a dork to wiki it, then ask his lover Omar Daal

8.) there’s about a .01 percent chance that after you get tased you will wake up and have super human strength…either that or next to Ed Wade, in bed, in a Houston sleaze bag motel room….Don’t be mad when Omar Daal tases you again!!

7.) What is going on Vanilla face? Ed Wade isn’t even the general manager anymore?

6.) Because don’t you want to see that fat guy who puked on the girl get tazed, then slip into cardiac arrest, after eating 10 hot dogs on dollar dog night?

5.) Dan Baker saying “these changes for the Phillies… getting Tassssssssssssed in right field……Bobbbbby Abreuuuuuuuuuuuuu” is classic….

4.) Because, there’s a small chance that the Police will miss an unruly fan and Tase Nelson Figueroa instead, thus improving the Phillies bullpen…….Is it Taz or Tase or Taze?

3.) Baseball games are 4 hours, I repeat 4 hours…I mean, is this a TV Land Gilligan’s Island marathon or a sport?

2.) Because Jamie Moyer might need to get tased, just to get it up after the game

1.)  Seeing the Phanatic Tase the opposing team on Pacific Islanders appreciation night…No offense to Pacific Islanders but does your culture have enough people in the Philadelphia area to have a night at a Phillies game? Why not have a Gay Nazi Cub scout night then for the 4 gay Nazi cub scouts in the United States?

Awesome picture…imagine if he took out the gun afterwards and did the whole Dirty Harry line, “Ya gotta ask yourself one question, Do I feel lucky, well do ya punk?”

Cop taseing a Phillies fan for running around the field