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Cool/different things about London

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Here is my compilation of different and cool things about London….

The british really know how to design a subway system…It’s clean, trains come every 2 minutes, and the maps are relatively easy to read…now if only if they could play benny hill music after saying “mind the gap” then everything would be perfect.

Every pub has the same food menu, at least the food isn’t bad, especially the codfather. for those who don’t know the codfather is a giant fish and chips made of cod, you imbeciles….mind the cod

People will sit next to you when you ┬áreserve a table, pub comes from the word public so maybe they’re onto something….ya know what if the table is more than 2 parts i’m fine with this, but a one part table means a one party reserve, come on, you’re trying to half a one part table!!! Larry david would understand this completely

The british are nice for the most part, except scumbag rioters, cheers mate…actually the scumbag rioters we’ll probably be cordial right before they take your bag, like these guys

It’s more expensive then the u.s. because pounds are worth more, it isn’t cheap for your normal bloke….as much as the metric system and celsius are supposed to make sense, you have got to be shitting me that 30 degrees is hot

they don’t like Prince charles, but they do like the queen. God save the queen, especially convincing after you watch naked gun 1. In their defense, the queen/king/prince/princess b.s. does generate so much tourism that it’s worth it to have fake leaders if you can get enough suckers like me to visit your castles!

Tea is better in London…let’s face it everywhere else the world drinks a bunch of shitty tasting energy drinks but in london they still drink tea, which tastes just as good and still has caffeine….

saying brilliant after every cool or clever thing someone says is brilliant

I’m sure i’ll think of some more useless observations but for now, tally hoe