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Current bad unemployment situation in the U.S. current thought and rambling

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

All the U.S. has to do to get jobs back in the U.S. is decide to enforce U.S. law on U.S. companies for foreign workers. If some big U.S. company can’t pay .50 cents an hour and make foreign workers work inhumane hours in inhumane working conditions then there would be ALOT more jobs here, it’s plain and simple. Yeah we’d have to pay more for products but the unemployment rate would go a lot lower and people could afford the higher prices…Why can’t we admit this will never happen because big corporations wont let it? The solution isn’t to tax them to high heaven, the solution is this….Help the companies transition to it by setting up a 5 year plan to close relationships with bad factories/plants down…..Let the companies have foreign warehouses if they can justify the cost of living, but never let them justify inhumane conditions…..This is how people can get back to my work in the U.S. and also help other countries see the fault in their ways? If we can invade Iraq to promote democracy, why can’t we hel close down inhumane plants in China to promote that same democracy?