Funniest Twitter accounts…

There really isn’t anything that special about Twitter. It’s really just facebook with only status updates and you can’t friend people. What makes Twitter great is it’s simplicity. You make an account and you’re instantly given a way to follow people’s blogs/web sites/news source etc…..AND, they can follow you so you can do the same. The main use I’ve gotten out of it, if you can call it a use it’s really just screwing around, is to find funny accounts and check them out every once in awhile. And believe me, there is some really funny shit going on, on Twitter. Here is my list of some of the funniest Twitter accounts I’ve seen on Twitter. Post some comments with some of your own funny ones, as if anyone comes to the site!


Garyuncarter (formerly Garycarterraw)


Garry Shandling

The Sulk





TheOnion – the satirical newspaper


ApocalypseHow is the Twitter account of Rob Kutner, writer for Conan and former writer for the Daily Show. It’s consistently funny, well-written, and very active.

Hellobuglers is the Twitter account of British comedians Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver (also of Daily Show fame), who host a brilliant podcast called The Bugle, an “audio newspaper for a visual world.”

SteveMartinToGo Steve Martin. ‘Nuff said.

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