Phillies beating trial expected 9/12/11

Remember the Phillies beating that left David Sale, a Lansdale man dead in 2009? Yeah well with some digging on the internet I found out that the trial begins 9/12/11 in Center City Philly. It was tough to find it to because it looks like the courts misspelled one of the alleged assailants, Francis’s Kirchner’s name Fiancis, possibly on purpose to hide the court docs? Here’s the link to the case here. In one of the most violent acts down at Citizen’s Bank Park, Sale was allegedly attacked back in July 2009 by 3 or more men (James Groves, Charles Bowers and Francis Kirchner or Kirshner).  To make it even worse the 3 men are all Philadelphia natives and supposedly Kirshner was the most violent, so he got slapped the 1st degree charge).  I’m interested to see what will happen in this trial and what kind of arguments the defense can make.  As a regular Philly guy I’ve seen my share of bar incidents and drunken incidents which usually end in some punches thrown, but this was just ridiculous and I think a real wake up call for phillies fans, law enforcement at the stadiums, and probably the Phillies security too. A fight breaking out and a few people with black eyes is one thing, but, for there to be a full out worse than Rodney King/Reginald Denny beating going pretty much unnoticed is ludicrous.  My heart goes out to David Sale’s family and friends and here’s hoping none of this ever happens again at a Phillies game. To be fair to the cops and Phillies security it’s a huge area to cover down there and there are a ton of people down there  because pretty much every game is sold out.  The best advice i could give anyone is if you see someone getting hit get a police officer there as soon as you can and if you feel you can help by yelling or getting any kind of security do that too

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