10.) It’s a great excuse to grow some sort of 70′s facial hair

9.) two words, jean shorts

8.) it’s a great excuse to dress up in an old lady evening gown and wear black rim glasses (hint hint)

7.) Cause only God saves more goals than Bernie Parent, and God doesn’t even like hockey..go figure…God is like Hakeem Olajuwon with basketball

6.) Cause only Jesus saves more goals than Barabas…Oh God I swear i’m just joking

5.) Because it’s awesome heckling The Kane guy on the Blackhawks about him beating up a cabby

4.) Because I actually think the Canadian accent is awesome….it is isn’t it? Eh?

3.) Because they got rid of the two line pass awhile ago, one less rule for me not to understand at all

2.) Cause it’s easy to relate to a scruffy white guy, because i’m pretty much a scruffy white guy

1.) Because Barry Melrose is one hot Canucker (dont ask…)

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